This is a text version of the following photo slideshow on this webpage.

Slide 1.  Drowsy Chaperone cast and set

Slide 2.  Drowsy Chaperone: "Wrong play scene"

Slide 3.  A Brave New World; set and actors

Slide 4.  Little shop of Horrors; Flower shop

Slide 5.  Romeo and Juliet; church scene

Slide 6.  Oliver!; entire cast on set with lighting

Slide 7.  The Insect Play; Actress/Dancer in dramatic light

Slide 8.  FAME!; Hot dog cart, New York City

Slide 9.  The Producers: Partial cast, Song; Springtime for Hitler

Slide 10. Sweeney Todd,the Demon Barber of Fleet Street:  cast and set

Slide 11. Yamaha Digital Sound board in use for Musical Productions

Slide 12. MacBeth;  Building set onstage with students

Slide 13. Chicago: Opening number with dancers, smoke and dramatic lighting!

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