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Health Services




District Health Page

Required Forms for Registering Students

CFSD Medication Administration Consent (PDF)

Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan (PDF)

Permission to Carry Rescue Inhaler on Campus (PDF)

Permission to Carry Epi-pen or AUVI-Q on Campus (PDF)

Asthma Action Plan (PDF)

Seizure Action Plan (PDF)

Diabetes Action Plan (PDF)

Diabetes Medical Orders (PDF)

Diabetes Management Guidelines

Additional Health Resources

Should You Keep Your Child Home From School? (PDF)

Injury Prevention & Concussion Info

Drug Abuse Info

Drugs of Abuse

Flu Facts


We are committed to the health, well-being and education of all district students. In addition to teaching and promoting good health habits throughout the district's seven schools, our staff members are charged with maintaining students' immunization records, providing hearing and vision screening tests, helping students who have chronic conditions, and providing emergency care when necessary.


School Nurse Christopher Lopez is available 5 days per week, during school hours of operation, and can be reached for consultation at any time during the school day at (520)-209-8330 or

Health Assistant is available 5 days per week and may be reached at (520)-209-8304

Immunization Requirements for School Entry

  • Arizona State Law requires parents/guardians to present an immunization record for the student, which is in compliance with Arizona immunization requirements.
  • The record for each vaccine dose must include date and name of doctor or clinic.
  • See the ADHS immunization schedule here, and here for additional information/forms.
  • Students may not receive their schedule if their immunizations are incomplete.

Injuries or Illness

Please see the “Should I send my child to school?” document on the Health Office Site for assistance. Treatment is based on the “Emergency and Prevention Guidelines for Schools” and “Communicable Disease” guidelines from The Arizona Department of Health Services.

Vision & Hearing Screening

Annual vision and hearing screenings are part of the CFSD Health program for 9th graders, new to district and support services students.

Medication at School

When it is essential to a student’s health that medicine, including over the counter medicines (O.T.C.), be administered during school hours:

  • There must be a written order from a licensed health care provider stating the name of the medicine, the dosage and the time it is to be given or the Provider can co-sign.
  • The 'Medication Administration Form' must be completed, signed by parent and co-signed by the Provider on file.
  • Medication must be FDA approved.
  • The medication must be in the original pharmacy or OTC container.
  • Students are permitted to carry and self-administer Diabetic Medications, EPI-pens and Inhalers with prescription label on it and parental consent.
  • Students are NOT permitted to carry medication on campus. Benadryl for Allergies must be kept in the Health Office.
  • A Registered Nurse manages the supervision of medication administration. In the nurse’s absence, medication may be administered by the Health Assistant or another agent or district employee designated by the principal.

Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, Antacid (Tums) and Cough Drops

  • The school has standing orders for the administration of Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, Antacid (Tums) and Cough Drops.
  • Parents must indicate their consent for Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, Antacid (Tums) and/or Cough Drops on the updated Health Information/Emergency form before their student can receive the medication.


Health History & Emergency Info Form is required by CFSD for all students, completed and signed by Parent/Guardian for the current school year. This information is needed for your student’s health record to provide the appropriate care on a daily and an emergency basis. Please update as information changes.

Allergy Action Plan must be completed/signed yearly by Parent and Physician if student has severe allergies and will self-carry Epinephrine (EPI-PEN, Auvi-Q, etc.) and/or bring medication to the Health Office. Students are not allowed to carry any antihistamines (i.e. Benadryl).

Chronic Health Issues or Serious Illnesses (Diabetes, Seizures, Asthma, Tracheotomy, etc.)Parents/guardians should notify the School Nurse if the student has a serious medical condition and may or may not require specific nursing procedures, forms and medical orders. An appointment with the Nurse prior to the new school year is necessary to establish appropriate Health Care Plans of Action and receive appropriate Health Care Provider orders forms. See left side bar for additional health forms. Exclusion/Exemption form for Chronic Health Conditions can only be obtained from the Nurse. Contact: Nurse Christopher Lopez at or phone: 520-209-8330 or direct fax: 520-209-8525.


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