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English Department



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Honors English 9

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AP 11 English Language & Composition

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Our Mission

The overall mission of the CFHS English Department is to promote literacy--specifically the ability to read, write, and think critically. This mission includes the fostering of such technological literacy as information retrieval, research, and communication. Literate individuals can gather, analyze, and communicate information effectively as well as think creatively and draw independent conclusions. Our students are expected to construct viable arguments and to critique the reasoning of others. Finally, we are committed to preparing all students for future academic and/or career opportunities, by teaching them to be effective communicators and divergent thinkers.

Our Faculty

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Behzadi, Shireen 209-8440 View My Website
Fairbanks-Tecco, Lindsay 209-8439 View My Website
Frieden, Miriam 209-8443 View My Website
Fritz, Tiffany 209-8442 View My Website
Gabriel, Kristi 209-8424 View My Website
Hill, Angela 209-8428 View My Website
Kimberly, Amanda 209-8434 View My Website
Lewis, Melissa 209-8438 View My Website
Sanderson, TJ 209-8431 View My Website
Staton, Doug 209-8427 View My Website
Stockton, Krista 209-8426 View My Website
Wilson, Haley 209-8435 View My Website
Yantis, Emily 209-8444 View My Website


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