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Honors Level Placement

The Math Department has specific requirements of pre-requisite coursework and proficiency exams for entrance and continued placement in our honors level courses. The following information is provided to help you prepare to make informed decisions on course selections for next year. Your student has discussed these requirements with his/her teacher and should see the classroom teacher if there are any questions. Please contact your son’s/daughter’s teacher if you have any questions.

To enter a Catalina Foothills honors level course in mathematics the following requirements must be met.

  1. Proficiency Exam Requirement
    • All students seeking entrance into an honors level course must attain a proficient (83%) rating on a yearlong content assessment of the previous honors level course. This assessment will be divided and given in two parts, semester 1 and semester 2.
  2. Semester Grade Requirement
    • Students currently enrolled in a standard level course must earn at least a 93%, both semesters.
    • Students currently enrolled in an honors level course must earn at least an 83%, both semesters.

Placement into an Honors Level course will be determined by reviewing 5 Data Points. Any 4 of the following 5 data points will place the student into the Honors Level course.

  1. Semester 1 grade in class must meet the requirement.
  2. Semester 2 grade in the class must meet the requirement.
  3. Semester 1 Proficiency Exam score must meet the requirement.
  4. Semester 2 Proficiency Exam score must meet the requirement.
  5. Teacher recommendation provided by current teacher.

Students who have successfully met the requirements for entrance into Honors Precalculus may choose to take an exemption exam of the Honors Precalculus course content with the intention of “by-passing” the course to go directly to Calculus AB. Students wishing to take this course of action will need to contact their Honors Algebra 2 teacher to get needed information on resources available to assist in the independent study of the Honors Precalculus course content. The Exemption Exam will be given after the end of school in June with the specific date and time to be determined. An exam date in August is also available for the Honors Precalculus exemption exam. This is not a re-test, but a second test date for those unable to make the June date. The exam is a 4 hour exam that represents the content of the yearlong Honors Precalculus course. Another way to satisfy the CFHS requirement of Honors Precalculus is for students to take an equivalent course at an accredited school. In the past students have taken coursework at the University of Arizona, Pima Community College or another high school.


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