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National School Lunch Program Application

School Breakfast and Lunch Program

Food at CFSD is provided by Southwest Foodservice Excellence, LLC (SFE).

Breakfast and Lunch Offering:

A nutritious breakfast and lunch is served every day of the school year and is available to any student who wishes to purchase it. Please note that at the Elementary and Middle schools, lunch is not served on half days. Breakfast is available at all schools.

National School Lunch Program:

Each meal will be offering 5 components which include: fruit, vegetables, grains, meat or meat alternative and milk. Students can decline up to 2 components, but MUST TAKE ½ CUP OF A FRUIT AND/OR VEGETABLE COMPONENT.

If your child qualifies for free or reduced meals, they must take 3 of the 5 meal components for it to qualify as a free or reduced meal.


Breakfast is $2.00 per meal, $.30 for a reduced meal and no charge if your student qualifies for free meals. Lunch is $3.25 per meal, or $.40 for a reduced meal or free if your student qualifies for free meals.

The Catalina Foothills School District No. 16 applications for National School Lunch Program free and reduced-price school meals may be filled out online through There is a link located on the district website and on the school websites. Paper applications are also available on the district website, at the district office and at each school. If you have any questions or need help with your application, please contact Shawn Medford at (520) 209-7525 or The district will notify you whether your family qualifies for free or reduced meals as determined by the federal guidelines.

Other Cost:

At the Elementary schools students may purchase extra milk for $.50 or bottled water for $.75. Middle and high school offer a variety of drinks and snacks. Please check the snack carts to see what is available. Items offered at the snack carts are not part of a reimbursable meal.

Menus and Information:

We care about the environment and the condition of the planet that our future generations will inherit. Therefore, we will only have the electronic menus. Menus will be available on the school websites.

Card System:

Each student will be issued a meal card. This card is to be used to purchase meals and food items. It is scanned through the cash register system and the purchase will be deducted from the student’s account.

Students should always have their meal card available when going through the line in the cafeteria as the purchase process goes much faster and it is safer than students giving their student ID number.

Payment Options:

Please note that during registration, No lunch prepayment will be accepted.

1. Electronic payments are preferred. Lunch accounts can be funded through the InTouch online payment system. Please visit your school’s website to access the InTouch online payment system. You will need your student’s ID number to log in. There is no charge to use this system.

2. Checks will be accepted during the school year. At the elementary schools checks can be dropped off at the front office. Checks are loaded daily onto the student’s accounts daily.

3. Cash is also accepted during the school year. At the elementary schools cash can be dropped off at the front office to be entered into InTouch. Cash is entered into InTouch and will be deposited into the student’s accounts daily.

If you have any questions regarding the school breakfast or lunch program, please call Southwest Foodservice Excellence, LLC (SFE) at 520-209- 8345. Please note that lunch account refunds are only given if the student’s account balance is $15.00 or more.


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