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Phone number: 520-209-8300 | Fax: 520-209-8520
Attendance Line: 520-209-8318
School Hours: 8:35am-3:25pm
Counseling Office 520-209-8305
Health Office: 520-209-8304
Athletics Office: 520-209-8412
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Ms. Jody Brase

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Social Studies

Our Mission

We believe it is our duty to “teach students the content knowledge, intellectual skills, and civic values necessary for fulfilling the duties of citizenship in a participatory democracy.” (National Council for the Social Studies). To that end, teachers in this department seek to develop students’…

  • Intellectual curiosity to promote lifelong learning.
  • Critical reading, writing, and thinking skills.
  • Ability to use technology in productive ways.
  • Factual knowledge in the areas of history, geography, political science, and economics.

Our Faculty

Name Phone
Bechard, Nick 520-209-8462
Bushong, Ben 520-209-8470
Cannon, Mike 520-209-8471
Fioccoprile, Maggie 520-209-8480
Hensel, Camille 520-209-8463
Kelly, Frank 520-209-8475
Perez, DeeAnn 520-209-8469
Rathbun, Rob 520-209-8474
Reinhardt, Jason 520-209-8490
Reppert, Carissa 520-209-8478
Robles, Jose 520-209-8474
Thompson, Gary 520-209-8476
Tweedy, Madison 520-209-8489
Waterworth, Taylor   520-209-8479